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Thursday, 2 June 2016

Piano Lessons

Piano pedagogy is the study of the teaching of piano playing. Whereas the professional field of music education pertains to the teaching of music in school classrooms or group settings, piano pedagogy focuses on the teaching of musical skills to individual piano students. This is often done via private or semiprivate instructions, commonly referred to as piano lessons. The practitioners of piano pedagogy are called piano pedagogues, or simply, piano teachers.
The range of professionalism among teachers of piano is undoubtedly wide The factors which affect the professional quality of a piano teacher include one's competence in musical performance, knowledge of musical genres, music history and theory, piano repertoire, experience in teaching, ability to adapt one's teaching method to students of different personalities and learning styles, education level, and so on.

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Piano Lessons
There are tons of different types of piano lessons or methods for learning to play the piano.  You can take private lessons, teach yourself, learn from online lessons, or try a DVD course.  Check out my articles for lesson tips.
Whether you want to learn to jam like a professional jazz pianist, or you want to study Bach and Beethoven check out this section for information about different styles.
Sheet Music
Looking for sheet music to your favorite tune?  Need tips for learning how to read sheet music?  Check back here for tips about finding or learning piano sheet music.

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